Angel Investors for Detail and Supply

Detail and Supply

Revolutionizing the Car Wash and Mobile Detailing Industry with Artificial Intelligence

About Us

Detail and Supply is seeking angel investors to support the creation of an advanced car wash franchise, complete with a detail supply store, detailing shop, and mobile detailing services. Our groundbreaking mobile applications will extend detailing services to cars, boats, and planes, utilizing artificial intelligence to identify vehicles based on their year, make, and model. Your investment can help us revolutionize the car care industry and capitalize on the growing demand for convenient and tech-driven detailing services.

Our Services and Prices

  • Ceramic Coatings: $449.99 - $4199.99+
  • Paint Corrections: $299.99 - $1049.99+
  • Auto Detailing: $99.99 - $349.99+
  • Motorcycle Detailing: $149.99 - $499.99+
  • ATV Detailing: $24.99 - $224.99+
  • Exotic Detailing: $199.99 - $499.99+
  • RV Detailing: $149.99 - $1649.99+
  • Boat Detailing: $149.99 - $1499.99+
  • Jetski Detailing: $124.99 - $599.99+
  • Airplane Detailing: $374.99 - $4499.99+
  • Jet Detailing: $449.99 - $5849.99+
  • Helicopter Detailing: $299.99 - $3149.99+

Our E-Commerce Platform

    Our store is currently operational in production mode, indicating that all essential programming has been successfully completed. Although the inventory is not yet stocked, the groundwork has been laid. We currently offer 85 products with 162 variations, and the pricing information has been updated as of August 27, 2023. Additionally, our shipping module is fully functional, capable of handling shipping and tax calculations seamlessly across the entire United States. Your investment would significantly contribute to the next phase of our venture, bringing our stocked inventory to life and maximizing our potential for success.

Invest with Us

Join us in revolutionizing the industry. Be a part of Detail and Supply's success story as an angel investor.

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