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Helping Victims of Gun Violence Navigate Through Life Again

At Detail and Supply, we recognize the profound and devastating impact of gun violence on individuals and communities. Our commitment to addressing this pressing issue goes beyond our Detailing Initiative, as we strive to provide support for victims of gun violence and make a positive impact that transcends the automotive world.

Victim of Gun Violence

Embark on a meaningful journey with our Initiative, where we pledge to donate 5% of our business revenue to organizations supporting victims of gun violence, with a special focus on partnering with Texas Gun Sense.

When you choose Detail and Supply, you're not merely investing in a professional detailing service; you're contributing to a cause that actively works to transform lives and create safer communities in the face of the ongoing challenges posed by gun violence.

Our commitment extends beyond vehicles; Detail and Supply is steadfast in providing survivors with the strength, support, and pathways to a brighter future. Your decision to support our cause becomes a powerful gesture of solidarity with those who have experienced the profound impact of gun violence.

Join us in driving positive change and supporting organizations like Texas Gun Sense, dedicated to healing, recovery, and advocacy for those affected by gun violence. Together, let's turn every interaction into a meaningful step towards rebuilding lives and fostering hope. Thank you for choosing Detail and Supply and being a vital part of our mission to make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by gun violence.

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